Cruelty Free & Natural

Vegan Makeup

Most of our clients want their makeup to look light, airy and natural. We created our vegan makeup products just for them. “Easy to apply“, with “incredible wear” for flawless “natural makeup are just a few of the compliments we hear. Specialty vegan makeup products are Bella Reina’s forte…like the No-Chemical 24/7 Setting Spray or the Face Primer.

Tested & Trusted

Curated Skin Care

As an esthetician with 25 years of skin care coaching, I’ve tested over 5,000 skin care products. Some are winners –  the ones you will find here at Bella Reina. These are the same clinical skin care products we use in our facials at the spa and in the dermatologist office. They are curated, tested and client selected-because they work.

Hand Picked & Loved

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Hand picked and loved by clients, our best sellers are the top 10 products that are sold at the spa and online. They change with the seasons and the holidays, but some of them are consistently in the top 10. Biodroga Intense Moisturizer, SkinScriptRx Cucumber Toner, Bella Reina’s Flawless Drops and Hypoallergenic Mascara.

Bella Reina – Cruelty-Free Vegan Makeup And Skincare

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Hand Picked

The Product Cycle
From testing to client, products usually spend about six months in the cycle. First I search and curate them.  Then the Bella team tries them out. Passing the team “that’s the tough quality control”!
Next comes testing with clients. What do they think?

Does the product do what it says it’s supposed do?  Does the product make a difference? Is the price worth the product?  Do they buy it again?

It’s all part of the process of making sure that our product selections are the best for you.

Why Vegan?

VEGAN Makeup

Cruelty Free

The choice for vegan and cruelty-free makeup was easy.

It sometimes takes up to six months to clear up a client’s skin, so the last thing we want is makeup that actually causes acne. [yes, there is makeup that can cause acne]

With Bella Reina Vegan Makeup, clients rock a natural, flawless look without pre-mature aging or acne from chemicals.

And now, it’s available online.

Microneedling Bella Reina Spa

Choose the Best for Your Skin
with our 
Curated Selection of Clinical Skin Care

With 25 years of hands on experience, these lines showcase some of the best clinical skin care in the world. Why, you might ask? Plan and simple. Results. From South Africa, to Korea, to Germany and the United States, the brands selected target specific skin conditions and problems.

Skin Care

Skin Script Rx
Skin Care

Bella Reina
Skin Care

Give Brows An Instant Lift, In 1 Easy Step
From Our Brow Bar

With over 4,000 brows shaped, plucked or threaded, we know brows. Our estheticians know that you need a Full Eyebrow in seconds. Here is the solution to the 1-step Full BROW.

1 Step Brows
Skin Care Made Simple

Bella Reina Skin Care

Simple ``4 Steps`` makes Bella Reina Skin Care fabulous for most normal, oily and acne skin types. From the much loved cleanser to the ``mean-green wonder cream``, it's skin care that won't sit under your bathroom counter. (Yes, you will actually use it & love it!)
Organic Beta Cleanser Vegan


Organic Beta Cleanser. Daily organic face wash that exfoliates with beta hydroxy acid & cleanses also, while keeping the pH of the skin safe.

Crystal Micro Polish


A skin micro polishing with Bora Bora Sand and Bamboo. It’s a home microdermabrasion that’s gentle but effective. Works great as a mask too.

Bella Reina Flawless Drops


Increase the skin’s moisture barrier with this lipid and ceramide serum that diminishes fine lines and wrinkles in seconds.

Face Neck Infusion Creme


This “green” creme is loaded with DMAE, peptides and antioxidants to speed up the 28 day skin cell cycle of the skin. Helps create brand new healthy skin cells.