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Environ Skin Care – The New Edition To Bella Reina Cosmetics

Environ Skin Care

Bella Reina Spa‘s own Nancy Reagan appeared on Channel 12 news 11:00 report with Suzanne Boyd last night. She discussed the diversion of skin care products in the beauty business.  One of the skin care lines carried by is Environ Skin Care.  Environ Skin care was also the recent subject of a CBS New York feature regarding the purchase of counterfeit skin care.

This report discusses what happens when you buy diverted products, fakes, or out-of-date products. is an authorized distributor of Environ Skin Care.  Bella Reina spa has offered medical-grade skincare products for years.

With a treatment skin care line like Environ, it’s really important that the client has an analysis of the skin. The purpose of which is to determine which products are right for them.  The products are strong, with very active ingredients. Irritation and sensitivity potentially occur with incorrect product application.  Also, if the wrong products are used for the wrong conditions, then the client will not get results.

If you are purchasing products from a dubious source that might discount or purchase fakes, please know to ask if they are an authorized distributor of that skincare line.


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