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Do Essential Oil Blends Really Work for Real Problems?

essential oil blends at Bella Reina Spa

Essential oil blends have been around since the beginning of aromatherapy. In different countries, blends are looked at for solving problems even before traditional medicine. On a recent trip to Peru at the market in Cusco, there was a woman who sold blends. She had studied the oils from her grandmother, who had been taught by her mother. The blend recipes were handed down from generation to generation to solve problems.

Sometimes when we think of aromatherapy, we think that by just using an oil – that is aromatherapy. ButEssential oil blends have powerful properties, which may work wonders, especially in providing relief for real problems such as cramps, memory or depression. How does this happen?

Essential Oil Blends – Solution to Real Problems

When using therapeutic blends, you can expect a result from the oil.  It can decrease anxiety, rest your mind, loosen up very tight muscles, and provide many benefits that may result to an overall healthy body and soul. While a massage is already good in itself, the use of oil blends can make it therapeutic.

Essential oil blends come from plants and herbs, which grow in exotic places. They are typically highly concentrated. They go through a very intricate process of distillation in order to produce quantities that are both concentrated and potent. For practical use, these concentrated drops of potent oils are also diluted in order to make it possible to be absorbed deep into the skin.

How does the treatment happen? Why can we say that the use of essential oil blends can work wonders in providing a solution to problems such as cramps or depression? Well, it all starts with the nose. As soon as the nose detects the pleasurable aroma of these oil blends, it then gives a signal to the rest of the other body parts to function like the way they normally do.

This is why essential oil blends are often used for massage and aromatherapy. The oil is applied directly to the body, to ease tensions in the muscles, thus relieving cramps. At the same time, it relaxes the body, even problems such as depression are also be reduced.

The Best Options

When it comes to choosing essential oil blends products, you may see a lot of products in the market these days. However, when searching for products that are readily available and can be used at home, the products of Bella Reina, such as the Depression Relief Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil Blend, and the Cramp Relief Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil are proven very effective.  When it comes to that monthly PMS, the Cramp Relief Blend has become very popular.

These products are used topically with a diffuser.  For inhaling use an aromatherapy oil burner. Since the essential oil blends are therapeutic, you can expect results.

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