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Get your healthy skin regimen at Bella Reina Spa

You want to have a healthy skin regimen, but there is so much advice. Who do you believe? What should you do? What is causing your skin to react the way it is? You want smooth, healthy skin. The kind some people are blessed with. Most of us don’t know why we don’t have healthy skin, but that is a whole topic for discussion.

Having a healthy skin regimen is a step in the right direction. The nutrients, antioxidants and toxins are all having a say in how your skin looks. Having the right nutrition, lifestyle, and wellness focus can make a real difference in your skin’s glow. Just to understand, Vitamins A, C & E play a very important role in your skin health. Having the right antioxidants into your diet and healthy skin regimen have an effect on your skin.

Healthy Skin Regimen Tips

  1. Choose a basic skin care regimen. Cleanser, Mask/Exfoliante, Serum (high in vitamins & peptides) and a Moisturizer.
  2. Choose to eat vegetables and fruit. A diet rich in Vitamin C, A and E will help your skin be dewy and glowing. Do not eat 5-8 servings a day?  Take a Green supplement.
  3. Vitamin E. It is found in nuts, vegetable oils, and in broccoli.
  4. Vitamin A. Vitamin A is the queen of vitamins. It is critical to eat carrots, eggs, and sweet potatoes so that you have enough A in your nutrients. In our skin discussions, we will focus on Vitamin A.
  5. Beta Carotene. A diet rich in Beta-Carotene and other Carotenoids that are found in asparagus, beets, kale, squash, and spinach.

If you haven’t figured this out yet, the health of the “outer layer” of your body therefore has to come from within. Yes, you can have a healthy skin regimen, but the real outside of your body depends on what you put inside. Above all what you eat and drink.

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