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Does Aromatherapy Work For Sleep?

does aromatherapy work for sleep at Bella Reina Spa

Does aromatherapy work for sleep? Today, more than ever, people have trouble sleeping. We’re sure the experts can weigh in on sleeping, as millions of Americans have trouble sleeping. From an aromatherapy standpoint, can sleep really be affected by smelling something?  The nose is one of the most under-appreciated senses. When the Japanese made up the saying – See no evil, hear no evil, do no evil, the nose was not even a sensory option. No one said, Smell no evil.  But the nose has the ability to warn the body, heal the body and protect the body.

Does Aromatherapy Work for Sleep?

When it comes to sleeping, can the nose trick the body into resting?  The answer is yes.  How does it work? The nose smells a particular essential oil or blend. The signal is then sent to the brain for determining how to react to this signal. The characteristics of each essential oil affect the senses, moods and emotions, thereby telling the brain to react a certain way. When the brain is lulled into an emotional relaxation state through the use of aromatherapy, the entire body will be signaled to relax.

When the body begins to relax because of a certain smell, it then becomes a learned behavior. We know that the body reacts from smells which become learned behaviors. For example, when we smell baking bread, our brain signals a jump in happiness and it may stimulate some hunger. The same reaction to food through smell can happen with sleep.

Here are some essential oils that will create a calm, sedative environment so that you can easily fall asleep.

  • Lavender Essential Oil  – wonderful for calming the body and soothing feelings of anxiety, and nightmares.
  • Mandarin Essential Oil  – an aromatherapy that creates a feeling of warmness and almost cocoon like.
  • Sweet Marjoram Essential Oil –  an uplifting oil that helps create ease.
  • Palo Santo Essential Oil – quiets the mind from random thoughts that trigger sleepless nights.

Each oil can work independently, but when blended together in the Essential Oil Blend for Sleep, it makes it easy to put a few drops on your pillow or a tissue. Place on the pillow or under the pillow for a wonderful sheep-counting night of sleep.

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